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General questions about Umamicart's products

Where Do You Source Your Products?

Our team is devoted to curating a selection of high-quality and delicious products by partnering with reputable distributors and independent brands. That means every product we offer is vetted by our sourcing team, who work closely with each one of o

What Product Selection Is Available To Me At My Zip Code?

Our product selection will vary depending on your zip code. If you see a product on our site that is not yet available to you, send us a note or check back again soon! We are constantly growing our assortment for each region.

Does Umamicart Carry Vegetarian or Vegan Products?

Yes! You can use our product filters to quickly look for items that fit your dietary preferences. Umamicart is following the Merriam-Webster's definition of vegetarian which is: a diet not containing meat - consisting wholly of vegetables, fruits, gr

How Long Can I Expect My Produce to Stay Fresh For?

Our produce team works diligently to source the freshest produce from nearby farms. All our orders are stored and transported under optimal conditions to maintain produce freshness. Since most of our produce are harvested at peak freshness, we guaran