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Our Packaging

Information about Umamicart's packaging

How Are Your Orders Assembled?

Your order will arrive in an eco-friendly box, sealed with reinforced paper tape. We hand pack your box carefully to ensure that all items arrive at your door in great condition and at peak freshness, and that a safe temperature is maintained while y

How Are Perishable Items Shipped?

Perishable items are packed in an insulated chamber with frozen gel packs to maintain food-safe temperatures while in transit.

What Is Your Packaging Made Of?

The materials we use to pack your box have been carefully selected to be sustainable and respectful of the environment. We use innovative packaging solutions made of paper, plant-based materials, recycled materials, and/or are certified to be easily

How Do I Recycle Or Dispose Of Your Packaging?

We use recyclable insulation and cushioning in our packaging. Break down and flatten your corrugated cardboard box, then place it in the nearest recycling bin or collection location. Insulation:. Frozen gel (ice) packs:. Our ice packs are durable and