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How Do I Recycle Or Dispose Of Your Packaging?Updated a year ago

We use recyclable insulation and cushioning in our packaging. Break down and flatten your corrugated cardboard box, then place it in the nearest recycling bin or collection location.


  • Our foam insulation liners are PET fiber, sourced almost entirely from recycled drink bottles. It is fully curbside recyclable, but best to keep out of the landfill.
  • Our paper insulation is curbside recyclable.

Frozen gel (ice) packs:

Our ice packs are durable and reusable, and the gel refrigerant is certified safe and non-toxic. Two options to dispose of your ice packs:

  • Drain disposal: The refrigerant gel is 100% drain safe. With scissors, cut open the bag of the fully thawed gel pack and slowly pour down a kitchen drain with the hot tap running. Dispose of bag in normal waste streams.
  • Normal waste stream disposal: With scissors, make a slight cut in the bag of fully thawed gel pack and place the bag in the trash.

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